Steve Sitkowski

Steven Sitkowski’s decision to establish founded the Pro Trader Institute (PTI) was based on his view that someone needed to train people better. Clients had to learn how to better identify the opportunities that worked best for them and they had to discover how to make those trades that fit their objectives and goals for growth. At the same time, that training had to include learning to respect their tolerance of and aversion to risk. With PTI, Steve hopes to provide all clients with the education, tools and support they need to create a solid financial future. By doing so, Steve Sitkowski hopes to help nearly anyone to lead a better life and make better investment decisions.

A prominent author, advisor, lecturer and radio talk show host, Steve Sitkowski has shown for years that he perceives the markets as only an experienced insider could. That is because his entire quarter-century professional career has been in service to the financial services sector. Over the years, he has been licensed in insurance, securities, real estate and mortgages, although he has also served as a Registered Investment Advisor and a Certified Financial Planner for years. He knows a lot because he’s done and seen it all.